Accelerometer Calibration

This article shows how to perform basic accelerometer calibration (usingMission Planner).


1.After calibrating Accel, SHOULD REBOOT PIXHAWK and then take calibration of Level.

2.If place the wrong vehicle position,calibrate Accel failure, SHOULD REBOOT PIXHAWK and reconnect to calibrate it again.

Calibration steps

  1. Under Initial Setup | Mandatory Hardware, selectAccel Calibrationfrom the left-side menu.

    Mission Planner: Calibrate Acceleration

  2. ClickCalibrate Accelto start the calibration.

    Mission Planner will prompt you to place the vehicle each calibration position. Press any key to indicate that the autopilot is in position and then proceed to the next orientation.

    The calibration positions are: level, on right side, left side, nose down, nose up and on its back.

    Accelerometer Calibration Positions (Copter)



  • It is important that the vehicle is kept still immediately after pressing the key for each step.
  • You may need to calibrate the board before it is mounted if the size/shape of the vehicle makes this difficult.
  • The level position is the most important to get right as this will be the attitude that your controller considers level while flying.
  1. Proceed through the required positions (it is not necessary to use the Click When Done button).

    Mission Planner: Accel Calibration - press any key

  2. When you’ve completed the calibration process, Mission Planner will display “Calibration Successful!” as shown below.

    Mission Planner: Calibration Successful

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